Eric Schmidt , the previous CEO of Google , used to be interviewed on the convention LeWeb in Paris is at the moment preserving. All over the dialog, the topic of squabbles between smartphones arrived on set. "  the iPhone in advance of Android for the second  "exclaimed Schmidt. Within the listening to, is a silence. Most lovers are both Apple or have as a minimum one digicam apple. It used to be to that end to improve his thought. "The choice of machines, Ice Cream Sandwich (observe: Android, the cost low, there are extra agents." That is the place he insists.


 Because the number of Android smartphones is growing, it determines that the operating system, Google will be the winner.


Vendors of applications are referred to the amount and the amount is favored by the open approach to which Google is headed. There are so many manufacturers getting involved in producing Android phones. Whether you like or dislike Android, you will develop on this platform and you'll even be the first to deliver your application.

It is in these sweet words chosen as the former CEO of the search engine announced the color. Better to drive the point home, he said Android "existed before the iPhone."

Therefore, that the future will be applications? According to Schmidt, "  all the interesting new applications are a combination of social, mobile and down to earth. These three points are true for humans for at least 10 000 years, so I do not think it will no longer be the case soon ".


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