EasySpring2 makes it easier to automatically to respring or restart your iPhone. Once installed, what you find are several ways to which you can take your terminal. On the one hand we have that owes its name, which has been the respring.

For novices and less familiar with the term, has been a restart of the desktop of your smartphone. But not only adds this, as we also found the reboot, the ability to enter safe mode, the cache clean user interface, and of course the usual and off and cancel.

The most positive feature of EasySpring2 is that all these buttons will allow you to do so many things with the iPhone by bringing it directly on the panel. Thus, you need not go looking for applications or folders, but that will directly there.

There is also no major options beyond personalization of logos. Simply choose whether to extend the usual menu with or not.  EasySpring2 can be found on the BigBoss repository

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