The phone market is eventually taking a flip! You can even say that Padfone Asus was just the beginning. This time, another manufacturer, ECS does not name, who presented at the Computex 2011 an accessory that you may post a sacred banana. And for good reason since it is in the company of a recessed touch pad and providing a location to accommodate any mobile phone. This simply means that you can use with your iPhone 4, your mobile Google Android smartphone or Windows Phone 7!


But before you pull your pants and run to the front of your boss (he can not help the poor …) , still take the time to take a big breath because it is only a prototype and it does not know yet when that will be marketed nice accessory. Worse, from the guys ITProPortal , this prototype is not functional yet. Know that my hands tremble as I write these lines and drops of sweat even trickle down my spine. And for good reason, since this is an entirely innovative concept and we really hope to see him land a day at the local dealer.


As mentioned in the introduction to my article, this strange accessory offers nothing but a screen (9.7 inches) and a case in which will reside on any smartphone. Unlike Asus owner of the solution, this unit is designed to work with any mobile and, particularly, any platform. And that's really the trump card of this accessory since you can continue to use it if you decide one day to drop everything and change motive. This is not the case Padfone, which forces you to remain in effect from Asus.


In terms of connections, accessory ECS seems fairly complete. We thus find a front camera, a HDMI port, two USB ports and an SD card slot. Of course, for Android mobile operating these ports do not pose no problem, but you certainly can wonder if the same applies to the iPhone 4. Same also for Windows Phone 7. The biggest challenge of the manufacturer, ultimately, it will send a propose a universal device capable of operating with different standards.

Oh, and if not, issue price, ECS is expected to propose $ 200 accessory. Sure, it's not cheap, but at the same time it is paid for a cheap product that is supposed to provide some continuity.

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