Eddie Cue Says Apple Will Unveil The Best Product in 25 years


Eddy Cue, Jimmy Iovine, Apple, Beats Music, Code Conference

On May 28 at the Conference Code Conference with Apple ​​vice president of Internet services Eddy Cue and co-founder Jimmy Beats Lovine,  top managers discussed the deal between the companies and shared their plans for the future.

During the interview, Eddy Cue said that before the end of 2014, Apple will unveil the “best product pipeline” at least seen in his  25 years.”

“I have worked with Tim since 1997. Together we opened an online store . Cook very shrewd man, he has great vision. He cares about making great products. If you look at the executive team , the reason for our success is the focus. We are not smart enough to do 100 great things . We want to make some great products. We will continue to be guided by the principle … Until the end of the year we have planned a better range of products from all that I have seen in my 25 years of work in Apple “, – said Kew.

They did not even hinted about what products in question. First Apple will introduce new items on Monday, june 2 at WWDC 2014 . Among the new products,  expected the new iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 operating system, as well as “smart” home platform. As for hardware  , Apple may announced 12 -inch MacBook Air with  display Retina and possibly a new line of lower-priced iMac.

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