Eight things that will change with Android Ice Cream Sandwich


With the following main replace of the Google Android smartphone working device, often called Ice Cream Sandwich, could open to be some modifications in your complete machine.The brand new machine will mix the present variations of Android Ginger Brad (Android 2.three) and Honeycomb (Android three.2).Gingerbread is presently saved for the Smartphone and Honeycomb answerable for all drugs.

With model four.zero is meant to alter this, as with iOS, there might be just one device for smartphones and drugs, which optimistically may also get updates collectively.This step will have to be related to the time any such massive step from Froyo (Android 2.2) on Gingerbread (Android 2.three), related.


Likewise, we will find a changed interface, the first screenshots have surfaced are already a few days ago.Which in any case look very promising.Can an accurate list of all the new features of Google does not exist but what we imagine all the other innovations or just hope for it.What changes will eventually come with the new version will be known only after the introduction of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The following implementations are desirable for each user.


Android has been criticized again and again because it is considered an unsafe operating system.But here it is like Windows, sure, these two operating systems safely.However, any hacker to take to concerned with a virus as many victims as Android and the most widely used system in the world, it is attacked first.As we become is our smartphones to surf, to a large extent, to use social networks in the idea that the personal information is protected at 100 percent one way or the void.


A very useful extension would be if Ice Cream Sandwich would bring an integrated security system with it.This should be monitored in the best case, personal data, apps, and the entire internal system.This security system should also address the Trojan apps be fixed, as they would before installing detected by the system and deleted directly.It is important for such programs, of course, the performance, it should take for an app installation for the safety tests for too long, many users will disable the function.And would not offer the disabled argue against the open source Android strategy.

2. Updates

Here are updates to apps are not meant, but direct system updates.These are published in smartphones with branding rather than directly from software or hardware manufacturer, but by your carrier.Whereby it can take several months, until the update reaches every smartphone.But also get equipment without branding is not directly an update, because here the availability depends on the manufacturer.This problem is there any device at Apple because both software and hardware come from the same manufacturer and are all held on a single program (iTunes) to date, is a damn about what the mobile operator unit.Android devices will be there also programs about which system updates are performed (such as gravel from Samsung), but again these are manufacturer specific.As you can see, needs to change at this point still a lot, so the software is directly compatible with any device, and nobody has to wait for his update.


The only way to get a custom ROM's are in-place upgrade (such as CyanogenMod), but these are to install almost impossible for normal users and are therefore not eligible for the mass in question.Whether in this area is so much change is questionable.Therefore, we can only hope that most devices are equipped with Ice Cream Sandwich, once it is available.

3. Google Music

The Google Music service was launched in May this year at the Google I / O introduced and is still in beta phase.In Germany, the service can be used only with an invitation to the beta program.


For each user, it would be very nice if the official release of Google Music would come together with Ice Cream Sandwich to make it available all over the world.This service is comparable to Apple's iCloud service, even if it offered much more functionality, so the principle is the same.

4. Better appearance

Even if it would admit no one, yet it is fact. Almost every iPhone app, which also exists for Android is visually and functionally mostly better than Android.Here we speak not only of the apps, but also on the entire system, IOS scores in the optical range a lot more than Android.This problem could be remedied by the developer with the new update.In direct comparison, one can see the core problem very well, see for yourself


After the screenshots of Android Ice Cream Sandwich have emerged, but it is clear that they have not taken this route.We would however like to be surprised by the opposite.

5. Application Development

A fundamental problem of the last major expansion Android, Honeycomb say, is still that there are not enough apps for the special tablet version.This is, of course, that the developers ensnare each of their apps, or optimized for the tablets have.Even if they only had to adjust all the apps on the screen size, this process will take a while.It would be really useful if Google in Ice Cream Sandwich is no difference between tablet or smartphone app would do.Would need to give it any different releases of apps for that platform.The market would then direct the acquisition of apps to determine whether it is what device it is and sell the associated app.


6. Better integration of the Android device to your PC or Mac

This issue has been addressed before, because there is no uniform program for the synchronization of the PC or Mac with Android system.Many manufacturers now have to synchronize their own program to the particular Android device to your computer, such as gravel from Samsung.Appropriately, it would be really, even if Google would bring up a program for all Ice Cream Sandwich devices on the market.The pioneer of this is of course again with Apple iTunes.


7. Screenshots

This problem has many Android users, because it is not possible to make a screenshot of the display.Unless you go through extreme detours.The first way to make a screenshot, is that cell phone use and rooting for a particular app, not for inexperienced users.The second possibility is that phone to connect via USB to the PC, then use the Android SDK kit and enabled USB debugging is a screenshot of the relevant computer programs are made.Again, no option for inexperienced users, so it would be really useful if Google would integrate this function into Ice Cream Sandwich.



Of course Google should continue to build here on the open-source strategy.This software makes it possible, as well as in older versions of Android that manufacturers and independent developers to modify and improve the system.This is Apple's still not possible, they have secured their OS better than Fort Knox!


Every developer, this project is invited to present their own extended Android system.That this strategy works very well to recognize the huge developer communityxda-developers.com and the most widely installed custom ROM CyanogenMod.


What do you think of these changes?You find them useful or you would add something?


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