Elevation Dock modified to enhance iPhone 5 lightning connector



The Elevation Dock for iPhone uses a 30-pin connector, so it is not compatible with the iPhone 5. That with a little creativity, the dock still a Lightning jack can give proved Oliver Nelson recently discovered that The Next Web . He eliminated the 30-pin cable from the Elevation Dock and filed the output on the dock to ensure that there’s a Lightning cable is tight match.

Nelson later filed the outside of the Lightning-connection of the cable in order that it more straightforward to attach and take away. The outcome is comfortable sufficient, supplying you with the Elevation Dock neatly with the iPhone 5 could also be used. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 in line with Nelson somewhat greater than wished.


Nelson’s a success tinkering is more than likely just right information for all Elevation Dock house owners who believe doing the identical. There are presently fairly a number of in circulation: the Kickstarter challenge for the dock early this 12 months accumulated virtually $ 1.5 million in. This was once for some time one of the crucial a hit tasks on Kickstarter. 12,521 folks cash stakes within the venture.

The adjustment made through Nelson highlights a bigger difficulty: many aged iPhone docks work no longer simply with the iPhone 5. You should use a adapter to purchase the Lightning port to attach a 30-pin connector, however docks just like the Elevation Dock will not be fixing this a lot: these are designed to maintain your iPhone shut hang on to, one thing that fails to a thick adapter between the 2.

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