One of the most anticipated developments that have come with the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus is the improvement in both chambers. The FaceTime camera has gone from 1.2 megapixel to 5 megapixel, and included what they have dubbed Flash Retina, it is to use the brightness of the screen and flash the same way they do snapchat applications. In the main chamber it has been increased from 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels, which is an increase of 50% over the previous model. Apple promises that the quality will not be affected by this increase and by using a smaller than those present in the chamber of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pixels. In addition, the iPhone camera 6s will be able to record video as 4K at 30 fps, but if you want to record with this quality from the start, you should know that you will have to activate it, since the option is disabled by default for videos do not occupy much space.

How to enable 4K video recording on the  iPhone 6s

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select photos and camera.
  3. Select Record video.
  4. Select 4K 30fps.


It is important to remember that as 4K recording, videos weighed much more than what is expected, so it is well to recall the weight that will have one minute of video recorded in each grade. Would be as follows:

  • 60mb in 720p HD at 30fps
  • 130MB HD 1080 in resolution at 30fps
  • 200MB HD 1080p resolution at 60fps
  • 375MB at 4K resolution

If you plan to buy a 16GB iPhone 6s, you have to forget about recording video in 4K that will have to happen every so often videos to your computer. According to estimates, only you can store 35 minutes of 4K video on an iPhone 6s 16GB right out of the box.

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