Enable Continuity / Handoff Features On Unsupported Macs Running OS X Yosemite


Continuity Mac

A week ago, a modification of Mac system files were developed, Apple has considered “obsolete” the Continuty / handoff features. But there is no smoke without fire, and users who are not ready to replace its “workhorse” for the sake of the new functionality (albeit non-essential), can solve the problem of compatibility iMac and MacBook, reviving support Handoff, Continuity and AirDrop in just a few clicks.

Marketing – a thin piece and often for updated product with a minimum of changes we propose to re-lay out the full cost of an existing “legacy” of the sample. And Apple’s policy is no exception: you MacBook Air, Mac mini, MacBook Pro over 2012? Sorry, but the “continuity” is not for you. Or Apple made ​​a mistake?

At any intelligent person will find more intelligent, so to solve the problem of compatibility took all international brotherhood. Thanks to forum members MacRumors (Lem3ssie, UncleSchnitty, Skvo, TealShark, Manic Harmonic, rob3r7o) managed to make the seemingly incompatible models to work with “continuity”.

This method is better
Any hacking and cheating the system always runs evolution. As a rule, it has a clear direction from the simple – to the complex. In the past, the manual we’ve patiently overcome the complexity of 30 different steps, manually edit the sanctum system files and tinker with the code.

At this time, we restrict ourselves to downloading a single file, running it, and restart the installation. Awareness of what you are doing is minimized, and the output will get working Handoff and the ability to make calls, send SMS directly from the Mac (under certain conditions of compatibility).

Alas, no matter how tricky was not the code, cheating source Apple, there is a concept of compatibility to the hardware level. In other words, the model of the wireless card in your Mac, might just do not respond to standard Bluetooth 4.0. Below is a list of models Mac, compatible replacement and without requiring such:

  • MacBook Air (2008-2010) – Requires new wireless card: BCM94360CS2
  • MacBook Air (mid-2011) – No changes required
  • Mac mini (2009-2010) – Requires new wireless card
  • Mac mini (mid-2011) – No changes required
  • MacBook Pro (mid 2009-late 2011) – Requires new wireless card: BCM94331PCIEBT4CAX
  • iMac (2008-2011) – Wi-Fi + Bluetooth card upgrade
  • MacBook Pro (late-2011) – Requires new wireless card: BCM94331PCIEBT4CAX


Installation Instructions

1 Download the ZIP-archive and extract the contents to a separate folder (directory, choose your own – it does not matter).

2 Run the file Continuity Activation Tool.

3 Now the administrator password will be required – safely enter it (when you enter will have to act “blindly”, password characters are not displayed, so be sure the correct layout).

4 Before us, a list of three things: Enabling Continuity, System diagnostics, Exit.


5 If your model is consistent with the suggestions above the table, and you are assured of compatibility – choose 1 (press the keyboard). If in doubt – Hit 2 and do diagnostics. Do not forget to press ENTER

6 After graduating from the diagnosis and making sure that all costs OK, choose one, click ENTER.

7 If the installation process all worth OK, I congratulate you – Continuity activated.


8 Go to the Disk Utility and treat the access rights of the system drive.

9 Reboot.

Continuity is ready for operation. Enter into one iCloud account on iOS or Mac. We see that on a Mac in Settings – General check box is selected, the resolution Handoff. Also check and iOS.

P.S. Those who have turned out to achieve performance on a version of Mac, which does not require replacement of the module and not included in the tabular data compatibility (See above.), Please unsubscribe in the comments indicating the model Mac.

For versions of some models of Mac models required models will clarify and build upon in the manual. All successful testing.

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