A few days ago was officially launched WhatsApp Web. Well, just days after he announced a 17 year old just discovered the first two security holes in the platform.

One of the ‘bugs’ lets see profile photos of people who do not have in your contact list, even adjusting privacy; the other is a synchronization error photographs messaging client. Both have been discovered by Indrajeet Bhuyan, a security expert of 17 years.

Recently WhatsApp Web Enabler is available as a web service without any trouble WhatsApp for iPhone Jylbrykshdh provides owners.

To use the web service and application WhatsApp WhatsApp Assuming that Yfvntan Jylbrykshdh also installed:

Step one : Open the Cydia app and search WhatsApp Web Enabler.WhatsAppWebEnabler-1024x798

Step Two : After the Refresh search and install WhatsApp Web Enabler.

Step Three : Settings WhatsApp Web Enabler option Enable / Disable enabled

Step Four : If the app WhatsApp on Up Close and re-open it to find Svyychr.

Step Five : Go to Settings, and then select the option WhatsApp Web on OK. Got it on tap.Screen-Shot-2015-03-25-at-6.54.14-PM
tep Six : on your computer browser address web.whatsapp.com open. (Note that currently only browsers Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari are supported by, and is not supported.)

Step seven : your phone camera at the QR code is the fifth stage of looking at the code as it appears in your browser. This process is done

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