How to enlarge app icons on your Apple Watch Home screen with Reduce Motion


apple-smart-watch-660x400Apple Watch is the new Apple smart watch and we still don’t know all the features and tools that hides but one of the first we discovered is related to the size of the icons and how to make them larger and more comfortable to handle.

If you use the option Reduce Motion (Blur Reduction), all icons will have the same size, that is to be as large as the central icon. This way you can access either application much easier, and therefore can not go wrong. This option is useful to improve the main screen of Apple Watch, because otherwise all the icons are stacked and the difference in size can make you open a program when in fact wanted to open another.

Guide to enlarge app icons on your Apple Watch

apple-watch-reduce-motionTo activate the Motion Reduces option, which actually does is limit the animations of the user interface and does not enlarge the icons, you have to access the following path:

  • Settings> General> Accessibility.
  • There select the option Reduce Motion.

It can also be done directly from the application of Apple Watch for the iPhone. The path to this is a little different:

  • Apple Watch  opens the application.
  • Select the label My Watch.
  • There you will find the General> Accessibility option.
  • At this point you can activate the option Motion Reduces sliding the switch.

Once you return to the main screen you will see Apple Watch the icons are all the same size and none is enlarged when we move from this, being easier to choose.

Reduce Motion offers the convenience of large icons in Apple Watch

apple-watch-reduce-motion-settingsBy eliminating the animations, when you want to jump from one app to another in the Apple Watch only you will see the effect of fading. The negatives have activated Motion Reduces include a decrease in the number of icons on the screen and removing some animations apps designers thought would be interesting and attractive, but your watch will not play.

Anyway, the Motion Reduces option can be enabled or disabled according to your needs so you can return at any time and turn on again. Everything will depend on how comfortable you turn resulting apps when the icon is smaller.

If you do not mind having to navigate a bit more for the interface to enable your apps, the icon size is considerably larger and will not go wrong by selecting one or another app. In that sense it is highly recommended to have activated the Motion Reduces mode.

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