Lark Rein stated that the improvement of IOS is simplified in comparison with a PC-based totally building the place the fabric could be very uneven, however he believes that the terminals iOS are additionally marked via some fragmentation . The device is just not actually related, however the tools has modified over time and forces builders to make selections : both present a model that works best on the most recent variations of iPhone and iPod contact, or somewhat a single model to the variety and subsequently makes use of the standard denominator because the oldest subject matter, and even take note the quite a lot of terminals and strengthen a model for every. The diversities are within the RAM, processor pace or decision, the Retina Show imposing completely show extra pixels.


 Game publishers must therefore provide several cases, coarser textures for older terminals, others finer the contrary, for the newer terminals. Epic Games has chosen not to support "that" the last two generations of iPhone and iPod touch, when other vendors offer two versions of the same game just like Rage  and Rage HD.

The vice president of Epic Games was also questioned on other mobile platforms.The Unreal Engine 3 running on Android and Epic Games will distribute the licenses. But they have no plans at present to offer their own games. Their priority is not Android platform found interesting, but too fragmented and insufficiently profitable . Therefore focus their efforts for the moment only on the Apple platform, but the studio keeps an eye on that of Google.

The first game of Epic Games sold on the App Store is in any event a success . Even though many players were disappointed by a game deemed too simple and repetitive, the App Store seems to indicate that this is what is wanted by the majority of players . The game is number one in several countries and the reviews are very positive on average. This simplicity is in any case entirely assumed by Lark Rein : " This is an example game really fun, taking that is perfectly designed for an environment … C Touch is the kind of game I love. "


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