Google's revenue jumped 30% in 2010 to eight.505 billion greenbacks. Turnover elevated 24% to just about $ 30 billion, exceeding analysts' forecasts. Money exceeds 35 billion and market capitalization is over $ 200 billion. The staff's outcomes had been introduced on the night time of Thursday to Friday, with out fanfare and, by means of the best way, is not CEO Eric Schmidt of Google. It used to be Larry Web page, co-founder who now occupy this chair, Schmidt took the pinnacle of the board of administrators.


"When I joined Google in 2001, I never imagined – even in my wildest dreams – that we would go as far and as fast as today" .

It is with this sentence, solemn, Eric Schmidt opens a note that announced his departure from the Executive President of Google.

Eric Schmidt left office so on a very good record (Android, YouTube, Chrome, Google Apps for Business, etc..). The proof is that Google has just announced record fiscal fourth quarter (ended December) with 8.44 billion dollars in sales (+26%) and 2.54 billion profit.
On the whole of 2010, net income increased from Google's 6.52 billion in 2009 to over $ 8.5 billion. An increase of over 30% to put the assets of the now "former CEO" of Google.

But, as any officer, Eric Schmidt has also been set
backs: Google Wave (whose technologies are reinstated to the other company's products), the difficult breakthrough in social networks (with Buzz) or the flight of its best employees to facebook.
 Another downside – for some – CEO Eric Schmidt to remain provocative phrases on the privacy and confidentiality (in the mode of "we'll know what you want before you know it," or "if you care about the Google offers privacy, first act to be beyond reproach ").

Since 2001, Google was managed by a "triumvirate" composed by Eric Schmidt and its two founders (Larry Page and Sergey Brin). A mode of governance no longer be appropriate today to a company that went from promising startups to multinational undisputed leader of search engines and Internet advertising.

"Google has grown. Manage the business became more complicated. Larr
y, Sergey and I discussed a long time to find out how we will simplify our management structure and accelerate our decision-making.
 During the holidays, we decided that the proper time had come to make changes to our structure "

Eric Schmidt did not leave much for Google. It will continue to preside over the group, but at a less exposed position: "we continue to discuss major decisions between the three of us. But we also decided to clarify the roles so that there are clear responsibilities at the head of society " .

Google's Larry Page became Chief Executive Officer. It somehow takes the succession of temporary and Eric Schmidt will be responsible for product strategy. Its purpose is to "merge technology and business visions" of the company. Sergey Brin becomes Co-Founder, and work him on new products and innovation.

As for Eric Schmidt, "as Executive Chairman, I will try to add value wherever I go and where I could" . Understand, outside (by making agreements, partnerships, lobbying governments, etc..). And internally "as an adviser Larry and Sergey."

New CEO (CEO) should be recruited. If we do not yet know their profile, but it is known that he will adhere to the vision of members of the trio of leaders.

Eric Schmidt as summarized in two sentences: "The most important of all is our firm belief in the potential of techno
logy to make the world better.
 We love Google – our employees, our products, and more, all the opportunities we have to improve the lives of millions of people "

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