ETSI Chooses Apple Design for New Nano-SIM Usual?


Adopted by ETSI form factor the SIM card is officially 4FF and is about 40 percent smaller than the smallest current SIM card. Above all, Apple urged the standardization of the smaller SIM card in order to save space in the devices and thus build more compact mobile phones can be.


The new form factor was adopted by industry with the involvement of major mobile network operators, smart card suppliers and mobile device manufacturers. The new design will be published in due course in ETSI’s TS 102 221 specification, freely available like all ETSI standards from the ETSI website.

The format developed by Apple uses the same technology as current SIM card, so that the new cards will work with an adapter in devices with conventional SIM slots. When the card is mainly attributable to previously available plastic edging, so the card measures only 12.3 x 8.8 x 0.67 mm.

The basic idea behind a secondary miniature SIM card is the modest income of space in the mobile device that can be better utilized with highly integrated components. Current rumored Apple also reduced due to space reasons, the docking port in the next generation iPhone .

Thus, Apple could prevail, supported by some mobile network operators, against the rival camp, which is led by Nokia, Motorola and Research In Motion. The producers wanted for the nano-SIM card compatibility and forgo using a different technique for nano-SIM card. The format would have resembled a Micro-SD card.

Apple had offered it to license its necessary for nano-patents SIM card for free.But only under the condition that all other patent holders to forego royalties too, even if they have claims on the technology. In contrast, Nokia had resisted and announced not one's own SIM card unlock for the patents filed by Apple's proposal to block the proposal from Apple.

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