In-app-game-purchaseParents often have to pay huge bills of their children, who spend money in shareware games on the iPhone and iPad. The European Commission has decided to hold a meeting with Apple and Google, to settle the purchases in mobile applications.

The meeting initiated by organizations to protect the rights of consumers who receive numerous complaints from users of smartphones and tablets in Europe , that the current policy IT- giants for purchases allows developers to position their products as free , although in fact they require domestic payments for normal operation. In the commission’s report emphasizes that , first of all , it concerns mobile games , especially designed for children.

Package of proposals of the European Commission to regulate such payments includes a ban on the use of direct appeals to purchase applications and the requirement for direct user consent to making a purchase, instead of implicit “default” . Also, developers will have to inform the user that their product is not “free” and contains internal payments .

Previously, Apple has decided to return the money to the parents after a lawsuit filed in 2011 in California . The company tried unsuccessfully to prove that the operating system iPhone and iPad allows you to completely block the function of in-game purchases. Furthermore, to make the payment requested a password , although if parents introduce codeword from your account , it appears in children 15 – minute opportunity to the next entry for the purchase of various game resources .

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