Evad3rs exploring iOS 7 for jailbreak exploits


ihelplounge-iOS7-exploitsEvad3rs released untethered jailbreak iOS 6 at the beginning of this year , now there are exploring the possibility of jailbreaking iOS 7 since the golden master version is now available. At the first stage, developers wanted to know which of the vulnerabilities in the ” Six” firmware Apple successfully transferred to the new mobile platform .

David Wong , known in the web as Planetbeing, wrote on his Twitter account : ” So long as everyone wants to know : yes , Evad3rs started studying iOS 7 .” Hacker said that at the moment they are conducting a study of the new firmware for the identification of “old” vulnerabilities.

At the moment, hackers work with GM- 7 version of iOS , Apple released a few hours after the presentation and iPhone 5c iPhone 5s. And developers are surprisingly quickly made ​​progress in preparing the jailbreak . An hour ago, a tweet appeared Planetbeing statement that:


Evad3rs workforce was once geared up through MuscleNerd, pod2g and pimskeks closing yr. They make the most Evasi0n, launched in February 2013 , used to be instrumental in popularizing the jailbreak on the platform iOS. Six weeks of process Evasi0n over 18 million iPhone, iPod contact and iPad on iOS 6 running machine put in Cydia and have been ready to make the most of unofficial apps and tweaks . Choice of settings utility simplest four days from the date of problem amounted to 7,000,000 .

Planetbeing is a number one developer Evad3rs. In August, he received the Pwnie Awards for ” for the escalation of privileges to create an make the most ” the improvement of jailbreak iOS 6.

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