We’re only few hours away to reach the next  iOS 6.0/6.1 Jailbreak “evasi0n”. Many people are eager to perform this the procedure to their iPhone, but there are more who do not understand the longing and despair of those who know its benefits.

I will try to answer the question that you’ve done all this time that many are dying to give their teams Jailbreak. Not that there is no current jailbreak is that comes next is one ” Untethered “. That is why everyone will do the same with the greatest confidence in the world that would not remain “walk” on the road. If you do not understand what we mean then you should read ” the difference between Tethered and Untethered “.

Only I’ll invite you to see this video from 3:30 minutes containing an illustration of some benefits of Jailbreak.


Are you convinced? Perfect, now I will recommend some applications divided into three different levels / categories of users. Although I have long without Jailbreak, only discuss here the more I like my while I had the Jailbreak.

Level  Basic


This tweak puts all the shortcuts to your most common settings screen from anywhere in iOS with a gesture. I speak of settings such as brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane, Lock, Power, Respring, Restart and more toggles that are available in Cydia.


Tired of ads on Pandora? Download this tweak in Cydia and it allows you to give “Next” as many times you like.


It is more than obvious that when we hacked our teams make them look beautiful and different from what we have made. Barrel is a tweak that allows you to apply different effects to transition from page to page. Watch the video:



MY FAVORITE! – This is like SBSettings but nicer and integrates the same Notification Center.Anything you say in Cydia “NC” means that it is compatible or interact in any way with the Notification Center in iOS 6.


Level  Intermediate


This tweak is paid and whose function is to place the alert / notification of incoming or ongoing, right at the top of the screen using the type “banner” of iOS.



If you read me then, must note that this is my  main reason  to jailbreak. BiteSMS is an application (Paid / Free with ads) that has all the features you could dream of. I will say nothing, do the jailbreak Search it and you will not regret it.


MyWi or TetherMe

Both applications (paid) whose function let you share your iPhone’s Internet with other devices turning this into a router. MyWi is more functionality as it has countless configurations TetherMe versus active only the default function that exists in iOS. This does not require you to have a tethering plan on your iPhone with your provider. (Be careful, you may be charged extra).


I place it in the middle because if you set up right, you could be a little confused by accidental activations. Is that Zephyr is any other of my favorites as it really works to shut functions with out the want to use the House button. Watch the video:


Developed Degree

On the developed stage will make a choice a number of functions however won’t difficult a lot. That you could search our weblog about them and to bear in mind every perform intimately. That is my record for these to be selecting up the %:

  • Cellular Terminal (Run command line from Terminal iOS)
  • Vency (Regulate your iPhone out of your Mac for VNC)
  • iFile (All-Developed, Intermediate and Normal-need to have it)
  • iBye (Permits reinforce conceivable from the identical telephone to Dropbox, FTP or iTunes)
  • Flex  

Along with this, I exploit many extra tweaks. I might now not listing all of them as a result of it will no longer finish.  

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