Evasi0n has reached 18 million gadgets on iOS 6



Eighteen months ago, the release of the highly anticipated utility  Evasi0n  jailbreak for iOS 6 and iOS 6.1.In the first 24 hours of the utility downloaded over 1.7 million times, three weeks later the number of compromised devices reached 14 million, and is now at a 18 million of iOS 6.x devices installed Cydia store . This was announced by the developer and the “pilot” project popular  Cydia Jay Freeman,known in the jailbreak environment as  Saurik .

According to Forbes, with reference to Saurik,  six weeks since the release of the utility Evasi0n was broken on over 18.2 million units, of which 13.8 million this iPhone, 3,4 million – IPad and 1.1 million – IPod Touch.

“In the six weeks since evasi0n was released, however, close to 18 million devices have already been jailbroken, according to data from Jay Freeman, the administrator of the Cydia app store  for jailbroken devices. He says he’s counted 18.2 million unique devices running iOS 6 visiting Cydia, including 13.8 million iPhones, 3.4 million iPads, and 1.1 million iPod Touches.”

Note that the utility evasi0n jailbreak. for iOS devices runs on iOS 5 platform which is already recognized as the most popular means of hacking. It is quite possible, because of its popularity in the recently published firmware iOS 6.1.3 Apple has blocked all vulnerabilities which might be used for hacking.

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