Evernote Unveiled Two New iOS Apps, Evernote Food and Hello


Evernote is a great tool which lets you simply take notes, after all, but additionally synchronize them from one instrument to some other. We modified bike, smartphone or contact pad, one could simply in finding any work atmosphere with out the want to switch anything else.

And it’s downright magic cloud, people. On the other hand, the small firm appears decided to not leisure on its laurels and has benefited from LeWeb'eleven to unveil two new instruments: Evernote Good day and Evernote Meals . And you wish to have me to claim? These are reasonably promising, as you'll quickly be capable to file again …


We'll start with Evernote Hello. To achieve this tool, Evernote teams left from the observation that it is sometimes very difficult to put a name to a face. With this tool, you'll end up more like an idiot in front of a person who appears to recognize you but you can not recover. The role of this application is in fact to take a picture of a person and the catalog by adding their name, function and all the information of their choice. It is thus possible with this application form to complete monitoring forms and it can be very useful when a job that carries us to a lot of shaking hands.

For Evernote Food is exactly the same principle, a place to keep pictures of your food and drink . You taste a great wine and fantastic sushi? Hope, they take a photo and they are kept under the elbow to the evenings when we are forced to shove the pasta in a strange restaurant lost. 

Not having had the opportunity to stand on the Evernote today, unfortunately I have not taken the time to test these applications but I will try to catch the blow tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are two videos made by the company and to help you understand the principle of these new applications.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MIX-iTFVJk]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63JGQNCAwYQ]

Both Appliocatins have been born from the Evernote app. Not sure if a separe app is needed .

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