EveryAir is a far off personal computer utility that enables your video games and Flash movies on the iPhone can play. Due to a suave trick is to quickly be capable of play PS3 video games. Within the video they give an explanation for the way it works, with an app that simply within the App Retailer. The trick way that you’ve got a USB mouse and keyboard and a seize software linked to the PS3.


Ps3 on iphone

Then sends the video data to the PC on which you run a modified version of everyAir. EveryAir is a remote desktop application that allows you been able to play PC games. Think World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2, who suddenly within reach on your iPhone 3G / 4, iPad , or the third / fourth-generation iPod touch . You can also stream Flash videos with a frame rate of more than 30 fps.

 EveryAir But you can also use your business productivity apps on the iPhone to view Flash content in your Web browser to play or to show a PowerPoint file. The performance is due to a special server technology the preferred developer gave up VNC or RDP. The idea is that you everyAir locally via a Wi-Fi network. 7/Vista/XP all versions of Windows and Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Leopard are supported. In future versions more functionality planned, such as audio, improved security and Internet connectivity. As a user you can also make suggestions for new features to pass.

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