It’s no secret, for each and every main improve of iOS, Apple primarily based or occasionally actually pump the contents of Cydia Retailer. Apple iOS 5 isn’t any exception to this rule. We advise on this paper a roughly non-exhaustive record for the whole lot that’s straight away impressed (or copied outright) Store for iDevices jailbroken.



Feature: Notification Center

Tweak of origin: MobileNotifier (February 2011)

Description: What made the most noise. In the case of this tweak, author Peter Hajas was downright hired by Apple. The push notification system is exactly the same, namely a rectangle that appears at the top of the screen. The location is centralized notifications was slightly modified and moved, but the operation is always the same, except the two Widgets that Apple added.


Feature: WiFi Sync

Tweak of origin: Wireless Sync (April 2010). Yes, Apple did not even bother to change the name.

Description: An article was written to discuss this matter in detail. At last count, Greg Hughes, the developer tweak, is about to begin legal proceedings.


Feature: Private Browsing

Tweak of origin: Covert (September 2010)

Description: Apple has greatly inspired tweak Chpwn, managing to make a little worse. The private browsing feature can be activated from the settings and change the blue color of Safari in black, just like Covert. Except that Covert activated from a button that fits between the “New Page” and “View” from the menu tab “which is much more convenient.


Feature: Remove call 1 by 1

Tweak of origin: CallClear (May 2010)

Description: Another very simple function that users have been asking for a very long time, and that Apple had not built into the OS.


Feature: Synchronization no longer blocks the use of the device.

Tweak of origin: Synchronicity (late August 2010)

Description: During synchronization of your device, the bar “unlock” turned into “cancel” and it was not possible to use the device while maintaining synchronization. Yet another idea after the jailbreak.


Feature: Take a quick shot

Tweak of origin: Snappy (November 2009)

Description: Apple has found a way to quickly launch the camera, including a kind of button to lockscreen, and added the ability to take a photo with the volume + button. Snappy him, launch the camera by pressing the + and – and then take a picture by pressing one of two.


But after all, the fact that Apple draws the jailbreak is to his credit. Somewhere is to ask the opinion of the community! If you know of others, please share them with us!

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