We have already spoken several times about Roku, popular devices to access multimedia content streaming platforms like Netflix. In the last hours, the company announced a number of new features that make it even more interesting when using  Roku 3 2 and Roku 2.

One of the characteristics most striking is the new voice search function. Thanks to her, from now on Roku holders 3 may search by voice using both application for mobile devices like command of the player. Roku Search -name receiving this function- allow you to search by program, actor, director or movie. Furthermore, the device maintains its usual price of $99.

However, if we focus on the second feature, Roku has announced the new Roku Feed, a new software feature that aims to alert the user when the films currently emit in film content services reach low demand compatible with Roku, as Netflix, Vudu and Amazon Instant Video, among many more platforms. Feed Roku operation emphasizes only offer relevant content for the user. Thus, if you have indicated that you are interested in a particular film, Roku Feed notify you when it becomes available on Roku channels.


Also, news of great interest to those interested in acquiring one of Roku devices is that the company has updated its Roku 2 equating technically superior model Roku 3. Thus, both models are now virtually identical although the Roku 2 does not have the voice search feature. It is marketed at a price of $69.

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