Apple updated its mobile platform several weeks ago, coinciding with the announcement of the launch of Apple Watch. iOS 8.2 contains support for clock apple, plus several new features for Health application and other performance enhancements. Similarly to the previous version, this release is not compatible with the latest Jailbreak posted, so if you update you will lose and can not reinstall.

With the Jailbreak we can expand the capabilities of our iPhone and iPad, installing external to the App Store to add new features or enhance existing applications. Apple blocked it with iOS 8.1.3, more than two months ago, and so far no group of hackers has said anything about it. It makes sense to want to wait, because Apple has begun testing iOS 8.3, which will be the next system update.

Shortly after the arrival of iOS 8 on September 2014, the hacker group Pangu Team published the first Jailbreak for this release. Then it happened what always happens, Apple blocked the Jailbreak with an update. However, to everyone’s surprise, another group of Asian hackers, the Taig Team, Jailbreak released a little later. The process was repeated with the arrival of iOS 8.1.3, but this time it has been two months and no sign of a new Jailbreak, except for one that was only compatible with a beta version of iOS 8.2, but no longer no possibility to install. As mentioned, both iOS 8.1.3 and iOS 8.2 are not compatible with Jailbreak Taig, so if one of these versions installed will be eliminated, and what is more important, can not re-install up to launch a Jailbreak again.

Nevertheless, the picture in the Jailbreak community is very optimistic. It is difficult to know when to launch the jailbreak because often Taig and Pangu hackers do not discuss their progress, but there are indications that soon there could be a solution for those users who have been left without Jailbreak. On the one hand, the Taig Team is preparing a kind of convention that could surprise us with a new Jailbreak. Also, a new beta version of TinyUmbrella appeared a couple days  ago, a program that is used to downgrade, ie to install older versions of the system. If confirmed, it may soon have a way back to iOS 8.1.2 Jailbreak and recover while we wait for a new one.

The future of Jailbreak looks good, but we insist that nothing is confirmed. It is also important to understand that there is currently no support iOS 8.2 Jailbreak and be cautious, as there may be scams trying to take advantage of users.

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