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ihelplounge_Iphone6_02Apple is the second largest manufacturer after Samsung and many users are eagerly awaiting for the iPhone 5 ( 5S) successor. While Apple is to unveil the next-gen,  iPhone 6 this Fall, rumors indicate a presentation of the iPhone 6 in June 2014. Meanwhile it is an opportunity for us to round-up rumors about what we have so far.

Obviously, specs of the alleged Apple next-gen smartphone , which should be released in two versions , one iPhone 6 with a larger screen will have an iPen stylus .

  • Display: 4.7-inch Ultra HD and Full Retina display 5.5 -inch Full HD
  • Processor: Octo -core A8 signed Apple clocked at 2.6 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 16, 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB of internal memory
  • Multimedia: Camera 8 megapixel ( or 13 megapixels )
  • Front sensor : 3.2 Megapixel
  • Battery Life: –
  • OS: iOS 8
  • Thickness: 5.5 mm

Two versions of the iPhone 6


Apple is expected to unveil not one but two versions of the iPhone 6. No question of a ‘ low cost ‘ version , as was the case with the iPhone 5C but it there will be an iPhone 6 (4.7 inches) and phablet (5.5 inches) with an ultra Full HD Retina screen, and a resolution of 389 ppi (pixels per inch ) .

So Apple would enter the market and compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in particular . Also note that currently, the iPhone 5S and 5C do not exceed 4 inches, which is very rare for high-end smartphones .

For those who never heard of sapphire , it’s a  material for making resistant screens, some even evoke a almost indestructible . Resistance seriously challenged by James Flaws , finance chief of Corning, the company that designs Gorilla Glass. As you can see , the competition will be fierce between these two.


Back on topic , the iPhone 6 could be a better fit for sapphire crystal screen . If you believe 9to5Mac , Apple has designed enough to fit sapphire between 100 and 200 million iPhones since February. However, this technology could only relate to certain aspects of the smartphone and land on the next generations of iPhone screen . Sapphire may even be intended only for smaller screens, namely those of the iWatch future , because of its very high cost .

Otherwise, the Korea Herald recently reported that the Cupertino dream is to minimize the screen edges ( lengthwise ) and could even test a screen that would cover the smartphone entire width. These screens tends to become a real commercial issue for large manufacturers.

A camera for better image quality

Rumors about the iPhone camera is a bit confusing, some says 8, 10 and 13 megapixels . One thing is certain , the front cameras and back of the iPhone 6 will be provided by Sony . From a marketing point of view, a camera of 8 megapixels is not necessarily beneficial. Although a significant number of megapixels does not mean a better quality , the camera on the iPhone 6 should be improved , possibly feature 13 megapixels .

According to the latest rumors , Apple could even keep 8 megapixels focusing more on the quality of the image and the APN (larger etc . Pixels) rather than the number of pixels. A strategy already used between the iPhone 4S and its successors. The Cupertino company would otherwise have opted for electronic stabilization and larger photosites ( to capture more light). Sources familiar with the matter say Apple does not offer APN 20 Megapixels without specifying if the iPhone 6 will be entitled to a 10 Megapixels or more sensor . Anyway , Apple has decided not to run in pixels race initiated by other manufacturers .

A “smart” battery for iPhone 6


Smartphone battery life is one of the main users concern and the iPhone 6 could meet their expectations. Indeed , Apple has filed a patent in 2012 which was mentioned a new technology capable of managing smarter battery for smartphones, in order to safeguard its consumption, a patent has been validated mid-March.

The principle is relatively simple: Apple analyze user habits to adjust for the performance of its devices. Through various sensors ( gyroscope, light sensor , geographic location or network used) iOS could then keep a diary to monitor our actions and monitoring cycles of charging and discharging of the device to predict its future use . Thus, the iPhone could automatically change the settings, or disable the features we use the least ( brightness, CPU speed , WiFi etc. . ) .

The iPhone is regularly criticized , often rightly , on its battery life and this technology could reassure some users since it would improve it. Whether the iPhone 6 will it be equipped with this technology  or not is hard to respond to the extent of hundreds of patents filed each year. However, competition is beginning to address the problem with battery life ( we think Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving Mode) , leaving no real choice to respond to Apple .

A new version of iOS firmware


The iPhone 6 is expected to have the right to a new version of iOS . The future should be equipped with iPhone iOS 8 and not iOS 7.2, contrary to what KDB Daewoo Securities. While we expected to find this new iOS in September or October , iOS 8 could be released as early as June 2014 , at the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC ) .

IOS clearly facing health including a tracker activities or features dedicated to well -being. Correlated with the iWatch is already mentioned. iOS 8 is unveiled through screenshots (find the above) that have appeared on the web recently, screenshots quite credible according to 9to5Mac . iCloud would be entitled to improvements and new applications would emerge : Preview ( Preview ) , TextEdit, or healthbook Tips. Another more recent screenshot supposed iOS 8 ( below) , this five applications over seven lines , columns plausible because the screens of the iPhone 6 will be more impressive . Found new applications as healthbook or Car Play.

Healthbook : application dedicated to health


If you followed the rumors about the future iPhone, you have probably noticed that Apple turns sharply towards health and with a new tool called healthbook . Like the Samsung S Health , healthbook will somehow a dashboard where you can find all the data recorded not only by your iPhone 6, but also by the future iWatch .

Contrary to what can be found in the market today , Apple and healthbook is not interested in a particular audience but clearly aimed at the general public. Whether you are diabetic, athletic or you want to lose weight, healthbook should be able satisfy with it. While a dedicated health application is not new but it has serious arguments.

A mini weather station

What about if the iPhone 6 becomes a real station? It is in any case the assertions made by the Chinese analyst Sun Chang Xu ESM -China. According to this , citing sources familiar with the matter , the iPhone 6 will be equipped with new sensors including a barometric pressure sensor , a thermometer and a humidity sensor . Anyway , the future iPhone is intended to help us understand our environment, like  already been offered by some of its competitors .

The hypothetical iPhone 6 against the Galaxy S5 .

The Weather app will be even more accurate since it will be the smartphone itself will seek to provide information on the temperature or humidity , information which can then be used by iOS8 . Problem but size, some smartphones offer substantially similar sensors ( including Galaxy S4 ) without success is really the appointment since users do use very little functionality dedicated .

Note nonetheless that these sensors may be connected to the iWatch , which should serve tracker activity ( pedometer, calorie counter ) , and the different data available on healthbook .

Wireless charging 

Patents have also been spotted on the web, patents indicate enhanced wireless charger to charge multiple Apple devices simultaneously. In terms of battery life, Apple put a point of honor to improve as some rumors suggest a range of 50 to 70% higher than the competition.

A design similar to its predecessor

All that is known is that the design will be not surprisingly, substantially similar to its predecessor. Apple has never made ​​any major changes between its different models and should keep this policy for a while . Note also that the version of the iPhone 6 would take the design of the iPhone 5C according Makotokara site.



Until then, the only things we had in terms of design concepts are some surreal concepts. We even discussed a flexible screen preview in patents or the disappearance of the Home button, two possibilities seem somewhat imaginable too. In recent weeks, the first leaked pictures of what is supposed to be the iPhone 6 appeared on the web . Leaked photos of a gray version of the iPhone 6 appeared on the web as well as a video of a model of the iPhone 6 compared to its predecessors , a blue physical model and a comparative picture between the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 .

Besides the more impressive screen, the first lesson is the presence of a sensor and front camera above the speaker ( front sensor was located next to the speaker on the 5S) . Flash on the with a rounded shape ( like the iPhone 4), while Apple opted for an oval shape on the 5S .

Price and release date of the iPhone 6

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, some media provide an overview of the iPhone 6 in June at WWDC , as it was the case for the iPhone 3G , 3GS and 4. However, unless there is huge surprise, Apple should also unveil iOS 8 during the keynote. Announcement regarding the iPhone 6 should be however done in the Fall, around September , followed by marketing in late October / early November .

In terms of price, high-end smartphone is synonymous with high prices for many manufacturers, including Apple. One that has never really changed pricing strategy which should see the price of the iPhone 6 is closer to t its predecessors including iPhone 5S. However, according to one analyst , Peter Misek not cited its source,  the iPhone 6 will cost $100 more than the iPhone 5s .

Although some sources come together, all this information is to be conditional , there are still many things to discover , if possible , to confirm before the official presentation of the iPhone 6 . As its usual, Apple will not confirm or invalidate any of these rumors.

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