Everything You Need To Know About Google I/O 2017



Google is Apple competitor in many ways, that is undeniable, especially from the software point of view, since the most popular mobile operating system on the market is Android, Apple’s initial rival in this area. Yesterday was one of the most important conferences of Google I/O, the equivalent of Apple’s WWDC.

Above all we pay attention to this interesting event because it does not focus solely on Android or Google in general, as you know, the North American company has software present on all platforms, and both macOS and iOS could not be less. Your applications for the competitor platforms have also been properly updated, renewed or improved, and that is precisely what we do not want you to miss. Let’s go then with what has given Google I/O 2017, and if you get lost, take advantage of ours.

Google Photos

We started with a clear rival of Apple Pictures, and is that Google Photos has offered a series of features that almost nobody has wanted to let go, so we have to pay attention to the news that arrived yesterday. They have focused on three fundamental pillars: Suggestions for sharing; Shared libraries; Photo albums. It is quite obvious that Google Photos wants to emphasize its more social aspect. They have also informed that Google Photos has no less than 500 million monthly active users, who are responsible for uploading 1.2 billion photos a day, it is quite clear that Google Photos is a success.

Suggested Sharing will suggest who we can share our photos based on who appears in them, quality facial recognition with Google, however, this face tagging feature will not be present in all countries. In the meantime Shared Libraries will allow you to share all our photos or those of a folder with the users that we want as already done in Google Drive for example. We finish with Photo Books, this last feature of Google Photos will allow us to create photo albums printed directly from Google Photos for around 10 euros, that is, currently only available in the United States of America.
Google Home


No doubt virtual assistants for the home have come to stay, Amazon is being the first and the most expert in this area, but Google does not want to be left behind, especially when it has a fairly effective assistant like Google Home, although Does not seem to have become the expected success. That is why Google want to hit the next push to this type of devices, and nothing easier than adding new features that give it a new meaning, or at least something more useful. In fact, they have brought a new feature that we did not know how it was not present before.

If the Amazon Echo Show wants to center its usefulness in the calls, Google Home does the same presenting a new hands-free system that will not require any configuration, will allow us to make calls through our personal number at no cost. However, this function has now been limited to making calls, not necessarily through our line, that is, will make calls from hidden number, that is, taking advantage of our own agenda.

Google has also made Google Home compatible with almost all online music systems on the market: Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Pandora and TuneIN, iHeartRADIO, no trace of Apple Music … by chance? We do not think it is, the Cupertino company is close to presenting its own virtual assistant at home next week. Likewise, this Google Home has learned to receive the most basic notifications and play YouTube content on the TV.

Google Assitant 

Indeed, the popular Google assistant, not exempt from controversy due to translations or typecasting, finally reaches the phone company of the apple, in short, we will finally have another application with virtual assistants that unfortunately We are going to use. The reality is that Siri is perfectly integrated in the system and with the applications, and still does not enjoy the use that is expected of it. The same or more serious can happen now with an application that will require its use and whose integration in the operating system is going to be tiny.

Google Assistant will integrate with the services of Spotify, Uber, Netflix, YouTube … effectively, but outside of iOS, on Android if you can squeeze, but in iOS your presence is going to be merely testimonial. After Google Now, Alexa and Cortana will be the new virtual assistant fiasco on iOS.

Android GO

Android Go

One of the highlights of all this event has been Android Go. It is a light version of the operating system of the green robot, which is intended for all those smartphones with less than 1 GB of RAM.

What this new lite version of Android is all about. Android Go will be based on the latest version of Android from which they are developing now, Android O. This ensures all the improvements that integrate the version that is currently, even if this is a reduced version.

Pre-installed applications that use fewer resources
This version will not arrive totally empty, on the contrary, it will bring applications pre-installed totally adapted to the resources of the terminal. An example that has been shown in the presentation is YouTube Go, an app that will give us the possibility to download the videos via WiFi to watch later.

Another highlight of this new version of Android is the Google Play Store. The app store will also target light applications, that is, if we want to download Skype, the store will show in the results the lite version of that app first.



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