After several months of rumors, Apple has officially unveiled the iPhone 7. Shortly after filing last year the iPhone 6s, started circulating first rumors and concepts about how would the next iPhone that the company based in Cupertino just presented. One of the first rumors appeared was the iPhone 7 would be resistant to water and dust, rumors have finally been confirmed, with IP67 certification.

Talking about concepts that have published about this new device, the first of all we published in October last year, a concept that showed us an iPhone 7 with a screen that covered the front and where the start button He disappeared completely.

Looking at all the rumors that have been published over the past year, we can see how some of them have finally been true, while most not gone beyond the imagination of those who filtered. In this article we stop rumors and inform you of all the news that Apple has just introduced in the auditorium Bill Graham of the city of San Francisco, in a keynote in which Apple has used to launch the second generation of Apple Watch, second generation to hit the market before the end of the year to try to harness the pull of Christmas sales, one of the most important periods for many technological and where Apple can not fail companies.


iphone-7-and-7-plusFollowing the design of its predecessors, the iPhone 7 inherits an elegant unibody design, which makes it look very nice touch. The design compared to previous models has varied but basically maintains its stylish look

Waterproof and Dustproof

iPhone 7 Waterproff

Finally Apple has chosen to add an official certification that allows the iPhone 7 be resistant to both water and dust, a feature demanded by users. Apple has not had to work a lot in this aspect, as the previous model, was able to withstand one hour submerged without suffering the slightest flaw in its internal operations. The IPX 7 certification allows us to “officially” submerge the device for 30 minutes at a meter deep.

No Headphone Jack


iPhone 7 as we have seen in the keynote and the images accompanying this article, no changes typical design of the iPhone with a new number, but this time we can see how aesthetically the new iPhone is very similar for if not traced the model who opened the series 6 iPhone, which happened to 6s and now the iPhone 7.

The great novelty presents the iPhone 7 is the elimination of the 3.5 mm jack connection, leaving only the lightning connection on the device connection that charge the device in addition to listening to music with headphones with this type Apple connection included with the iPhone 7. in addition, for those users that have a 3.5 mm headphone and do not plan to get rid of them, the Cupertino-based company added in the box a lightning adapter a 3.5 mm jack.


Rumors about the Smart Connector connection available in the Pro version and iPad models that theoretically could be available on the iPhone 7 Plus, finally have not been confirmed. This type of connection would have allowed us to connect devices to the iPhone without making use of the lightning connection, especially when we are loading the device and want to listen to music from our device, something the Smart Connector connection could be solved allowing load the iPhone through this connection

Following the fame that has earned the company based in Cupertino, getting rid of widespread technology, Apple has been loaded jack 3.5 mm. The main difference we found and jumping naked eye is to eliminate completely the headphone jack, eliminating that has enabled the company to lose weight even further a device that itself was already quite thin and comfortable to wear (by thickness obviously not for its size).


Removing the connection jack has “forced” to the company to launch the much rumored AirPods, a wireless headset to provide up to 5 hours of uninterrupted battery life.

Two Speakers With Stereo Sound.


Despite rumors that Apple would use the space jack to add a new speaker, the thing has not been exactly like that, because really if you have added a new speaker, but on top of the device, offering 50 % more power and awesome sound.

Start Button

The start button is still in place, despite some rumors announcing his disappearance, and through innovation that gave us the 3D Touch technology combined with Siri, this button has come to play a very minor role in the device, but Apple does not forget it and renewed offering a new feature in which this button is pressure sensor which allows to extend the functions of the 3D Touch technology. This renewal was also necessary to prevent water from entering the device now that is waterproof and dustproof with IP67 certification.

Antenna Bands

Another change that we have seen in the iPhone 7 is the relocation of the lines that ran the back of the previous models and were used as an antenna to improve reception device. Now these lines have been located on the edge of the device passing almost unnoticed to the user’s view. Many people claim that the rear risers device marred the same and it was time that the company remove them, a thought I have never understood and I particularly always seen those bands as part of the decoration of the back of the device .

7000 Series Aluminum

Apple has once again bet on the 7000 series aluminum, an alloy which was launched after design problems offered by the iPhone 6 Plus. This alloy is the strongest it has been used so far on any device, in fact, is being used by most manufacturers of smartphones that make their device with aluminum. 7000 aluminum is the same as that used in the aerospace industry, because of strength and lightness.

No Induction Charging And Fast Charging

Inductive charging has become a feature that is increasingly present in the high-end devices, but the guys in Cupertino still make use of it. With the elimination of jack for Apple headphones could have used and include this option, because if we listen to music and charge the device while in the iPhone 7 will be physically impossible unless we leave money on a Bluetooth wireless headset .

Another new feature that many users were waiting for was the possibility that the company implement a rapid charging system, a system that allowed us to quickly get a charge level more than acceptable in a short time, as currently enjoy Samsung models S7 and Note 7. So at the moment if we want to quickly load our terminal we will have to continue to use the iPad charger.

iPhone 7 Screen
The resistance of the iPhone screen, especially the latest models that the company has launched, has always been characterized as a crumbly, hence many have been users who have chosen to use tempered glass in the terminal display, glass protects against any drop the screen of our device. Instead of using sapphire, which would raise the price of the device, using a crystal Apple is manufactured through a double ion exchange process, which provides a much more durable resistance molecular level.

The screen of the new iPhone models is now 50% brighter than its predecessor, allowing display some colors more vivos.En regarding the resolution of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we can see how Apple has maintained the same than previous models in which the iPhone 7 Plus offers a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and iPhone 7 will have a resolution of 1,334 x 750. the main novelty that we Apple in this regard is the True Tone screen, which adjusts the temperature color according to the ambient light, the same used in 9.7-inch iPad Pro and gives us much less a reflection of the screens used so far by Apple.

Apple still untapped expand the screen to the edges of the device, something that has become commonplace in many high-end phones that have hit the market in recent months and that reduces to a few millimeters width of the device, something I could have made taking advantage of the removal headphone jack.


iPhone 7 Camera

Front camera iPhone 7

Apple has updated the iPhone front camera 7 for video calls and selfies passing the 5 megapixel to 7, and includes a digital stabilizer.

4.7 inches iPhone 7  Camera

The 4.7 inch  iPhone 7 camera has been completely renovated including a new and highly desired optical image stabilizer. But not only the camera has been completely renovated but also Apple has modified last 2 LEDs flash to 4, which offers 50% more light when we use it. The image quality has been greatly improved on in low light without flash.

 iPhone 7 Plus Camera


The much-rumored dual camera iPhone 7 Plus has finally been confirmed. Apple implements two cameras in the 5.5-inch model, a wide angle lens and another that allows you to capture more distant objects. The result of catches offers some images with a depth of field that previously could only be obtained if we approached much the object of a photograph or if we pulled away enough.

In addition, dual camera allows us to get brighter and more detail pictures, since both cameras get different color and shape fusing into a single catch. To manage all catches with this dual camera, the iPhone 7 is managed by 3GB of RAM, while the 4.7-inch model still enjoys the 2GB of RAM that released the previous model.


The flash of the iPhone 7has also received a major upgrade, from 2 LEDs at 4, offering twice the light when dark environments photographs with the iPhone 6s.

Finally the rumors suggesting that dual camera iPhone 7 Plus allow us to have an optical zoom, have been confirmed as the new iPhone 7 Plus integrates thanks to two cameras, zoom 1 increase, less than nothing, while using software, we can approach the object up to 10 times.

iPhone 7 Storage / Capacity

Despite the silly and absurd excuses with which Apple tried to justify the fact to continue offering a 16GB model, it seems that finally the company has acknowledged that he was being ridiculous offering a storage size that, once installed operating system was in just over 10 GB. The launch of the iPhone 7 has resulted in the elimination of 16 Gb model, entry model in recent years to the iPhone range.

Now the model or basic input is 32 GB of storage. From there we went to 128 GB for 100 euros more. The higher capacity model is 256 GB, for which we will have to pay 200 euros more than the 32GB model.

Following the launch of iPhone 7 with a maximum storage capacity of 256GB, this new model the model more internal capacity currently available in the market becomes, that if, at a price that escapes from the hands of many users who would eager to buy it. This terminal is intended for most pro users and with greater storage needs, while the entry model, 32 GB may become the bestselling who was previously the 64GB model.


A few months ago, emerged several rumors about the possibility that Apple added a new color to the iPhone range, Deep Blue, a deep blue color as we saw in some renderings, I looked very good. But finally this rumor has become the same as other rumors, nothing. Still, the company has added two new colors to the range iPhone 7: Jet black (glossy) and Black (matte) to replace completely the space Gray, a model that since its launch, has always been very susceptible delicate. In this way the iPhone 7 will ship in five different colors: Jet Black, Black, Pink, Gold and Silver.

The color that has attracted most attention is the bright Black, used in most images. Coincidentally this color NOT available in the 32 GB, forcing the user to spend at least 128 GB if you want to if or if this color on your new iPhone 7

A10 processor Fusion

Inside the new iPhone 7 we find the logical evolution of processors designed by the company itself. The new A10 processor, which is manufactured exclusively by TSMC, offers a yield of 40% higher than its predecessor, the A9. The A10 Fusion is a processor with four cores, two of which focus on the performance of the device and the other two are oriented to energy saving.

In addition the new GPU is 50% faster than its predecessor and inside we find a much more restrained than those offered us the A9 iPhone 6s and 6s Plus energy consumption.

Prices iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus

  • 32 GB — $299 (on contract) or $749 (unlocked)
  • 128 GB — $399 (on contract) or $849 (unlocked)
  • 256 GB — $499 (on contract) or $$949 (unlocked)

iPhone 7

  • 32 GB — $199 (on contract) or $649 (unlocked)
  • 128 GB — $299 (on contract) or $749 (unlocked)
  • 256 GB — $399 (on contract) or $849 (unlocked)

What about the price of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s?

Each time the company renews its terminals, the price of the models that were on the market is reduced to be an opportunity for new users entering the ecosystem of Apple investing much less money. As we can see the price of these terminals one and two years respectively in the market they are at fairly affordable for the general public.

Apple has been directly charged the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus range and changed storage options iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, offering a model of 32 GB and a 128 GB.

Prices in iPhone 6 after iPhone 7 launch

iPhone 6 16GB: No longer marketed
iPhone 6 64GB: No longer marketed
iPhone 6 128GB: No longer marketed

iPhone 6 Plus prices after iPhone 7 Plus  launch 

iPhone 6 Plus 16GB: No longer marketed
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB: No longer marketed
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB: No longer marketed

Prices on iPhone 6s after iPhone 7 launch

iPhone 6s 32GB: $549
iPhone 6s 128GB: $649

iPhone 6s Plus prices after release of the iPhone 7

iPhone 6s Plus 32GB: $649
iPhone 6s Plus 128GB: $749

Availability Of The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

This time Apple opens the pre-order on September 9, released to retail stores schedule for September 16. The new iPhone 7 will reach a large number of countries at that time, something that Apple have not done in recent releases.

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