About all that has to happen in the world there are rumors and rumors Apple. Rather, in everything related to Apple there are rumors and information that enables us to Mark Gurman, the young editor leading telling us about everything that is to come in the world of apple from the years 15 and the original iPad. The last thing he tells us is what we think will happen in the next WWDC.

According to Mark Gurman has ceased to be editor at 9to5mac has become part of the template of a more important, more specifically to the technology section of Bloomberg publication. Of all that counted in the latest episode of the podcast Jay & Farad Show, there is little about what Gurman is fully convinced that we will finally see the WWDC16, prudence amazes me into it but I think it may have to do with its new position. Then you have what we revealed.

No new hardware at WWDC
Much has been speculated about new devices that could come at WWDC 2016: first the possibility to submit the Apple Watch 2 and this week made sure they would present a new monitor with integrated GPU was assessed, but soon rumors were denied. Being a conference for developers, it is normal that focuses on Apple iOS / TVOS 10 watchOS OS X 10.12 and 3.0, and that’s what he believes Gurman.

iOS 10


In 2013, Apple got rid of skeumorfismo, ie image that mimicked real objects, and presented a flatter iOS 7, with more visual effects and more colorful. iOS iOS 8 and 9 inherited the same design as iOS 7 and iOS 10 coming, according to Gurman, a small twist. According to the young editor recently signed by Bloomberg, iOS 10 will be even more colorful, which will be noticed in the notifications and small design changes icons.

iOS 9 allows us to attach an image and modify it with Dial. That is the name given by Apple to the editor preview images that allows us to add arrows, magnifiers, signatures, etc., and never understand why he was available to edit images in Mail but could not do the same images Reel. Nonsense that could change in the next version of iOS.

If you want to know how it works dialing, you can visit our article iOS 9 includes markup to annotate email attachments.

Apple Music


The environment where Gurman has gone to work was the first to talk about a new version of Apple Music to be presented at the next WWDC, but details (on this link) them back to the Gurman own. For example, Connect begin his funeral and lose your tab, being only available from the pages of the artists. It is also said that we will have available the lyrics without having to install anything. Regarding the latter, it seems curious that this month has been given that they had terminated the agreement Musixmatch, Spotify and differences between the two companies. Does it have something to do with Apple?

Send money with iMessage

If you do not have available apple pay in our country, I think we can not use this feature, but commented: Gurman believes that from September we send money using Apple messaging application.

But most importantly to be presented at WWDC 2016 has a name: Siri. Yes, and 5 years ago we were introduced to the virtual assistant Apple, but everything points to the new version that will improve both occupy an important part of the time. What is perhaps less important than what they tell us is that Siri will be available in OS X 10.12 (have to see what can install Mac). Moreover, Apple will introduce an SDK that will allow third party developers Siri is compatible with their applications, so that, for example, may ask you to send a WhatsApp as we do to send an SMS / iMessage.

Moreover, and this no longer says Gurman, a new version of Siri could understand natural language thanks to technology VocalIQ, a company that Tim Cook and company bought last year to avoid becoming an application (or another company lead after them).

What about the iPhone in 2017?

A recent rumor claimed that Apple would begin to launch an iPhone with new design every 3 years. Gurman believes that these words have been misinterpreted and is more likely to happen otherwise, a new design every year. In addition, says that 2017 will be the year in which Apple press the “Reset” about the iPhone, but it is very clear what this means major changes, change of name, change of operating system … What we could see next year?

On the other hand, also it ensures that 2017 will be a year that will launch great products. According Gurman, everything looks fine, but the trouble is that we have to wait long to see what it says it is coming.

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