appletv-boxPeople do not particularly follow the release of new models Apple TV, set-top box because Apple, unlike smartphones and tablets , has no regular update cycle. This is partly due to the fact that the gadget is still a “hobby” of the company. The main purpose of the device – on your TV movies, music and photos via AirPlay from your library and iTunes.

In the history of Apple TV was three upgrade the hardware component . Set-top box , which was announced in 2007, received the update in September 2010, when it was released the second generation of the gadget , and in March 2012 , when the release of the third model. Unlike the previous version, capable of output to an external video screen 720p, the device began to support resolutions up to 1080p. At the heart of Apple TV 3G lies processor A5, familiar from such gadgets as the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5G, in which one core disabled .

In March 2013 , Apple released a second modification of Apple TV 3G. During the experiments it was found that the updated console is based on the same processor A5, but produced at a perfect 28 – nanometer process technology.

apple tv hardware

According to 9to5Mac, the operating system iOS 7 were found reference to a new model that has an identifier “AppleTV 4,1”. This confirms rumors that Cupertino is working on Apple TV the fourth generation. Previous versions of the device had “AppleTV 2,1”, “AppleTV 3,1” and “AppleTV 3,2” notations.

In late January, there were reports that Apple is actively progressing in the development of set-top box Apple TV 4G and is preparing to announce a new product . It is believed that the device interface is redesigned in the style of iOS, and console itself will combine the functions of a router AirPort Express, support game controllers , and it will have its own application store , which third-party developers will be able to fill a variety of games .

“AppleTV 4,2” reference shows few things . Firstly, the device will remain in the lineup and Apple TV will be positioned primarily as a set-top box . Second, the model will be a significant upgrade : two previous versions of Apple TV had a close serial number “AppleTV 3,1” and “AppleTV 3,2”.

The software often find mention of future devices Apple, which usually are in the initial stage of development. Thus, in March 2009 found the code in the firmware of a smartphone “iPhone 3,1”. This device was iPhone 4 , submitted 15 months later.

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