The code of iOS 12.2 includes a new image of what will be the Powerbeats Pro, a headset that will offer us the same charging system that we can find currently in the AirPods, at least it is what can be deduced of the image.

The animations found in iOS 12.2 show us the Powerbeats without any type of cable. If you look at the design, this new generation is virtually identical to the Powerbeats 3, but unlike these are completely wireless. According to the information available in this version, the Powerbeats Pro will be available in both white and black.

The case of these new headphones shows a similar design to AirPods, a box that will charge the headphones when they are placed inside when we are not using them. The Powerbeats 3 currently offer up to 12 hours of use, a duration that we do not find in the new generation since it is unlikely that any user will spend 12 hours with the headphones continuously.

Powerbeats are designed for users who want to enjoy their favorite music while practicing their favorite physical activity. In addition, it integrates different pads to adapt to different ear sizes and specific needs when it comes to reducing ambient noise since they lack noise cancellation technology.

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