iPhone iPad Charge

iPhone-iPad-chargeMany iPhone owners charged smartphones every day , transforming what is happening in the daily ritual like brushing and morning coffee. Others resort to the charger only after the battery is fully discharged . But , anyway , all owners of electronic gadgets would like to rid themselves of the need to change too often served their batteries with new ones. Experts say : to the battery of an electronic device has served as long as possible , you can not charge it to the maximum.

Technician enthusiast Eric Leamer says that frequent charging able to inflict some damage . However, about once a month should still spend one full charge / discharge cycles .

We recommend that you charge your phone battery is not more than 50 %. In general, the optimum level of charge is from 40 % to 80 %. The reason is that each cell lithium-polymer battery is charged to the proper voltage . The higher the charge , the higher the voltage level . The more voltage keeps cell , the greater the load it is experiencing. This in turn leads to a decrease in the number of possible recharges. The researcher said that the battery charged to 100% , will work only 300-500 cycles, and charged up to 70% battery – 1200-2000 .

Leamer also debunked the myth that you need to charge a new gadget for 72 hours before using it to ” remember ” what it is to be fully charged . Such advice is valid when working with nickel batteries , but in the case of lithium-ion batteries , which are used in the new phones , it is completely untenable .

iPhone iPad ChargeThe expert noted that the maintenance of a lithium battery, it ‘s important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally . For this reason it is recommended to keep the tablet or laptop plugged in constantly . Ideally, the owner of the electronic gadget in use should be continuously charged and discharged battery , leaving the charge at the level of 40-80 %. In this mode, battery life increases manifold .

The specialist also advises not to expose your phone to extreme high / low temperatures. Recommended storage temperature of most batteries is  59 ° F, and the maximum safe temperature usually varies between 104 ° F to 122 ° F. With an average temperature of 77 ° F Li-ion battery will lose 20 % of its maximum capacity every year. At 104 ° F, its capacity will decrease annually by 35%. Therefore it is best to avoid wireless chargers : wireless inductive chargers create excessive heat that makes your battery ” toast .”

You are free to extend battery life by setting the brightness of the screen on the phone and turn off the applications that use GPS, like geo-location services , says Leamer . In areas with poor signal is recommended to include airplane to the iPhone or iPad is not wasting valuable electricity to search nearby base stations and connect to them .

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