Expert refutes Microsoft’s Surface RT display sharper than ipad



A display specialist compared the Microsoft‘s Surface RT display with Apple’s iPad 2 and 3rd-gen. Apparently the iPad displays debunking earlier claims made by Microsoft that its new tablet RT surface display would be “sharper” than competing Apple iPad device.

President of DisplayMate Technologies  Soneira pitted Apple’s iPad-2 & new iPad beside what he believes to be a product comparable to the unreleased Microsoft’s Surface RT, an “ASUS” netbook.

The Microsoft’s Windows Clear Type 768p display in Netbook was much sharper than the Apple’s iPad-2 768p display but less sharp than the Apple’s new iPad-3 1536p display technology, Raymond Soneira wrote. “It is possible that the Microsoft’s Surface RT Tab will execute better than Asus Netbook, but unlikely that it will be visually sharper than the Apple’s new iPad-3.”

Raymond Soneira ran the NewYorkTimes web-address in Safari browser on all 3 displays, comparing each display’s reproduction of the publication’s small texts.

All three display screens have the similar 5.9 inch display height in landscape style, so it was an outstanding and fair comparison.

CNET reported that Microsoft‘s engineer Bathiche told Reddit in IamA session that “the 1,366p-by-768p, 148p-per-inch screen display used in the new Microsoft Surface RT” outperforms that of Apple’s new iPad .

It will be very exciting to evaluate these new display technologies including the Microsoft Tab from other manufacturer, who might offer better display screen than the Microsoft Surface RT” he stated.

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