iwatchApple should as soon as possible to decide on the release of ‘smart’ hours iWatch, otherwise the company risks losing the status of innovation . This was stated by analysts at Global Equities Research. In that case, if a U.S. corporation with delayed release, it will press the competitors and dissuade investors is that Apple may be the future .

The company has 60 days to present the world with something, otherwise it will disappear – said Trip Chowdhry , managing director of Global Equities Research. – Of course, the fact that deplete cash reserves of $130 billion , it will take several years , but the high-tech market, the company will cease to be significant … it will be like a zombie , if time does not announce iWatch “. While forecasts Chowdhry may seem slightly exaggerated , other analysts echoed the negative mood.

According to Wells Fargo, even output in 2013 a new line of  Apple devices , including the iPad Air and iPhone 5S, not able to provide business Apple preserve margins , which envied by many competitors . And in fact it provides a corporation to invest huge sums in new technologies , analysts say. At Wells Fargo and do not believe in that situation will change for the better after the iPhone 6.

Whatever it was , selling the company remain at a decent level , although Wall Street and grumbles that , behold, they say , and we want more . It will be recalled that in the first days of sales of new smartphones Apple managed to sell 9 million iPhone, which is a record .

Company constantly questioned – ” when will the iWatch be released”. Cook with the release of a hurry. The company’s strategy , apparently – to provide the market has already been tested , ” stable ” products and “revolutionary innovations ” ” finished ” to the maximum ideal state .

In addition to losing “innovation ” status , Apple risks losing the chance to join one of the most promising high-tech industry segments – wearable devices continues Global Equities Research. According to experts , the supply of portable devices such as computerized watches, bracelets and smart “smart” glasses, this year will be at the level of 31.7 million units in 2018 and grow by almost six times and reached 190 million units.

Meanwhile, to ” watch ” the race joined Google, announcing , in partnership with Motorola, issue smart hours. Novelty is expected this summer.

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