Extensify lets you install tweaks to iOS without jailbreak



Extensify is software that allows you to load alternative applications to those of the App Store on iPhone and iPad. It is a well-known on the Cupertino limitation devices, but with the new derivatives allowed by the novelty of X-Code 7 is possible to make the so-called “sideload” not from the App Store. A novelty designed for developers, who can test their apps without subscribe to the developer portal, but which can also be used for other purposes.

image-2-2Hence the idea of ​​Extensify, a project that now circulating the web for several months but that in the course of the weekend came during the soft launch. It describes how a store tweak and allows substantially to upload modified versions of the app on the App Store, so add additional functionality not provided (or deliberately omitted, rather) of the original. Cydia, the historical store of jailbroken devices, and comes even on the products without jailbreak? Not exactly.

With Extensify it will be able to “modding” apps installed on the system with additional functionality, but you can not install the tweak true, ie those who interact with the system settings, which remain still armored. The “tweak” of Extensify are called “Exo” and can be searched inside the store and installed. It is then downloaded a new instance of the app modified (taken from Extensify server, and then with all the consequences of the case), with the icon that will appear on the home and the name of the app that is followed by a + sign.


Behind the project are developers Majd Alfhaily and Kevin Ko, well known names in the sphere of the jailbreak, but it is clear that the modified application does not guarantee the same security as the original ones, especially those that contain sensitive information (account credentials, documents) . In short, the same consideration can be made for the tweak that are already available on Cydia. We said just above that Extensify is available in soft launch, which means that to access you have to fit into the list and wait for the confirmation email from the team.

Extensify-4The application (which is nothing but a kind of store that encloses the Exo, describes them with lots of screenshots and allows the download) is installed in the form of configuration profile. The user must give permission for the profile installation, and then may use the software, according to those who have tried it, it is already quite refined and optimized. Recall that about all the moves consider the use of the application is at your own risk because improper use can impair the data of the same phone.

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