Facebook accused of creating ghosts profiles with our personal information


This case may do a variety of noise. A younger Austrian scholar named Max Schrems has certainly filed a criticism towards … Facebook Why? Simply because it accuses the famous social network to collect data on our friends, our contacts in order to create profiles of … ghosts .How? Simply due to the timing of our address books and to our mobile, of course. 


 Of course, for the moment, it is too early to know if our student is right, but the Authority for the Protection of Privacy Irish opened an inquiry and we should have the last word of history very soon.


Max thought likely to fall on it when he asked Facebook to send it to a CD all information held on his person , a procedure that anyone can also follow if they wish the form that will property is also accessible at this address ) . In total, therefore, a document of 1,200 pages that was transmitted and it is precisely the latter that prompted our students to balk against the service of Mark Zuckerberg.

And we can say that the complaint of Max Schrems going to comment. Note also that it is possible to see in its entirety at this address . Some passages are also very earthy: "Ireland Facebook collects as much information on users and non-users as possible. This is done through several features that encourage users to provide personal information about other users and non-users of the service (eg synchronization of mobile phones, personal data import from email providers , the importation of personal information by instant messaging services, sending invitations to friends … " .

Basically, then, Facebook would not only recover our personal information, the service would also benefit to collect data from our friends . And he would hand over the contents of our address books and thus the names, emails, addresses or phone numbers of all our loved ones.What for? That is the question. If we are to believe Max, some suggestions of contacts would be just based on these profiles famous ghosts.

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