Facebook Add Auto Tagging Face Recognition


A number of months in the past the facial attractiveness problem has been approached with the aid of Facebook after Divvyshot takeover in the month of April 2010. Simplifying social network members, here is one of the goals.When sending (upload) photos to the account, the idea is to assist the user in his task by discharging a part of the localization of faces on the pictures but also through suggestions from tagging to Strictly speaking when Facebook comes to determining the identity of individuals .

As you can see the illustration below is simply locating people in the first six shots. For the last three, however, the social network was able to recognize the man and was able to tag a full name oh his photo .


Facebook Vice President of Product Chris Cox says the product utilizes technology that was built in-house, as well as some technology that came from partners.
Tag Suggestions will roll out to 5% of users next week. You can get an idea of how it will work from the screenshot below…

Note that people wishing to disable these suggestions Tag the can via the privacy settings ( Privacy Settings ) from their account. Their friends will no longer be able to use this option for the pictures on them. Manual tagging is still possible.The deployment of this feature face recognition is expected in the coming weeks the U.S. It will then be gradually available to everyone. Be careful not to abuse it. Please respect the privacy of your friends and other contacts.


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