Facebook this weekend added a new location feature on its application, you can use mobile: Find Nearby Friends. It lets you easily add friends, if they are nearby. If you are at a party and meet new people you do not need to type the name, but you can immediately see the profil of people in the neighborhood. The other person needs or the Find Nearby Friends page open.


Then all you have but on the plus button to each other as mutual friend add. Facebook engineer Ryan Patterson built FFN with a colleague during a hackaton.

 Initially called the 'Friend Shake', but eventually opted for Find Nearby Friends. The function has not Find My Friends an agreement with Apple, where the aim is to identify the location of existing friends to track. So you can see if a friend's home or has already arrived on the spot where you would agree. In Facebook's Friends Find Nearby is the new people you meet, where both people already working in the same location and mutual Facebook friends want to be. FFN may be developed with the help of Glancee, a company that Facebook took over in May. In Glancee went out to find people with similar interests. Glancee is no longer available, but who do see such functionality can use Highlight sit. This app also has integration with Facebook, but is made by an independent company.

You can test the new function itself:

  1. Open the mobile app or launch the Safari browser and go to m.facebook.com.
  2. Go to Menu (left three bars)> Apps> Find Friends.
  3. Tap "Other Utilities".
  4. You get a list of options. Tap Friends near me. "
  5. Wait for others in your neighborhood this page have also opened, only then they are visible


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