Facebook advises employees to switch from iPhone to Android



Facebook encourages its developers to abandon the iPhone in favor of smartphones running the operating system Android. Posters of such calls are hung around the office of the Internet Corporation.

The reason lies not in the inadequacy iPhone, but the desire to improve the administration of social network official applications for the mobile platform Google. It turned out that the Facebook-created programs for Android are people who did not take advantage of this platform.

To encourage developers to move to Google-OS on one of the posters depicted the Android logo and a bowl of food, a poster signed by “Droidfood”. This harping of programming slang “Dogfood” (test their own software). At the other poster shows a graph of the number of users on Android devices compared to smartphones on iOS, prepared according to IDC. According to the schedule, in 2016 Android-based devices will be two times more than iOS, and in 2018 – three times more.

Initially, the Internet company focused on developing applications for iPhone. As a result, Facebook client for Google operating system is less developed than the competing platform corporation. But if developers start using Facebook gadgets on Android, they will have more incentive to fix bugs in the software, says the administration service.

The fact is that Facebook makes its customers to change to sensible telephones Android, explains why this system for this OS is not so good as for iOS: Android utility created by way of individuals who in truth don’t use the platform.

In step with a Fb Konstina John, the marketing campaign has labored on the personnel, however they don’t hand over iPhone, however simply purchase extra sensible telephones in response to Android: “Now extra individuals who lift each gadgets, and it is no longer simply the engineers.”

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