Facebook Announces Chat Bots For Messenger



During the F8 developer  conference, Facebook introduced a new chat bot on Messenger called “Bots for Messenger” and several useful tools for developers to grow apps and services and improve monetization.

The most important news of the Facebook F8 developer conference is definitely the announcement of chat bots for Messenger.  The bots are basically auto attendant that allow us to interact with news, operations, questions and answers as they usually would do in a chat with a real person. Basically we talk about a kind of automatic chat. For example you can ask for the weather to get to the specific bot predictions, or track a shipment, make online purchases, etc. Although the feature is currently in beta and only available in English, Facebook has allowed users to test some bots to test the features

bots-for-messengerBut there have been other news for developers. Despite having closed its Parse platform, Facebook is working to improve the tools available to developers. During the F8 conference was presented the “Account Kit”, a new plug-in for applications that allows users to sign in with your phone number or email address, and not just with your Facebook login, in order to avoid the application of password. This would serve to expand enrollments apps and services. Facebook has made available the SDK for iOS, Android and JavaScript (web).

Facebook has introduced a new tool to its rather interesting quotes. Users love to post the quotes along with links on social and Facebook has developed a solution that will allow developers to integrate plug-ins for web, mobile, iOS and Android users are able to share in a simple quotes from articles, books , etc.

There’s also customizable notifications, push both in-app. These notifications may help developers to better inform users and to bring them closer to the apps and services.

Still, Facebook is translating the documentation for developers in 16 new languages ​​in order to simplify the work. Finally, we talk about the improvements to Analytics data for the app; data that can help developers become better informed on the progress of their apps. These tools have the task of bringing so developers Facebook and offer more opportunities to users.

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