Monday, Facebook announced the launch of a new email system for its 500 million members. The purpose of this service is to bring SMS, chat and email together in one conversation. The new system was developed around three themes: centralization messages, chat history, and "social inbox" that enables automatic prioritization of messages.

The centralization messages will trade an example of discussions by email, then continue through the chat, SMS message or Facebook, according to the place where you are, and according to your desire to communicate.

history of each conversation is saved for the user to continuously monitor the thread, or simply to read discussions.

Finally, a " social inbox "will be available. Messages will be classified according to three criteria: the messages from friends and friends of friends appear in the inbox, messages whose senders are unknown and the messages are grouped in the Other folder. and spam will be automatically hidden.

It is even possible to have an address email@facebook.com, but not an obligation because the system works with any email address. But Mark Zuckerberg put the record straight early in the announcement: the new "Messages" is not " an email killer . "

The system is phased in since yesterday evening, on the basis of invitations. It will be deployed on any social network in the coming months.

Facebook has worked for a year on these functions. "We can make filters really good for you because we know who are your friends!" Said the CEO of Facebook.

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