Facebook App For iPhone Brings Live Photos Support


livephotos-facebookWith the arrival of the Live Photos on the iPhone, a unique feature of the iPhone 6s and  6s Plus that  allows a couple seconds up to a movie file and a still images when capturing images on the latest Apple flagships camera . Although similar to a GIF really is quite obvious, the technology was until now exclusive to Apple and iOS devices, so share beyond our iPhones last generation was torture. A barrier that Facebook has destroyed at a stroke, we can now share our LivePhotos through Facebook with their next update. It adds to Tumblr as another major platforms photograph or social network that gives rise to the LivePhotos.

By the end of the year we will receive an update to the Facebook application for iOS that allows us to publish and share our LivePhotos, taking them to all users, whether or not an iPhone 6s. These pictures reproduced video and audio when touched, like GIF version for Facebook. A small round photography icon in the shape of the icon “camera” iPhone tells us that in effect is a LivePhoto and we’ll just give a hint to come alive.


If you prefer to share a normal picture despite being a LivePhoto, you can also, Facebook will allow the image is statically if we so desire. Many people go to pay their Facebook planks of these curious pictures, the iPhone finally 6s barrier disappears thanks to this support. What Apple banned Facebook that not forbidden. Present as a new function that we can not even teach our friends because they lack a compatible device is almost as absurd as hurtful.

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