However how a ways will they go? Simply months after passing the bar fateful 500 million customers, now that Facebook reached a new threshold. Now, the famous social network has just over 700 million subscribers. Figures incredible, phenomenal, and which prove Once again the hegemony of the service this market. Yes, and what we also learn through the study of SocialBakers is that the two countries experiencing the strongest growth is Brazil (+ 11.37%)and Egypt (+ 11.14%) . And the best is yet to come as Facebook could also launch a web browser soon …!



According to this same study, it was Belgium who arrives on the third place with a growth of 9.79%. Our friends eating chips are then followed by Japan (9.11% +) by Peru (+ 8.01%) and Argentina (+ 7.60%) . Followed by British (+ 6.81%) , Philippines (+ 5.75% ) and Venezuela (+ 5.39%) . Suffice to say that South America is quite well represented in the rankings. For Europe, however, is far less festive and just take a look at the chart that accompanies this article to re
alize it.
 Here, indeed, I do not know if it's me but it seems that France does not appear in this ranking.

And speaking of social media giant, he must also know that any new rumor is shaking the canvas. According to TechCrunch , Facebook could soon launch an application iPad, of course, but also an application for Mac and PC. How they know? Simply because the firm has recently launched two specialized recruitment in this area. Further note that still after our American colleagues, the mystery may be desktop application … brace yourself … not much better than that … so make an effort … a web browser! Yes, a web browser that would play the card in the course of social networks and would appear as a Flock .

Inevitably, critics of the service may cringe and they will not necessarily wrong. Knowing that Facebook has a habit of collecting every imaginable data on its users, the arrival of a brand stamped browser raise a number of problems. Imagine for a moment that could give a browser that spy on each page you visit? Well, maybe it already, eh, after all Chrome also sometimes tends to collect data (what is allowed or not to install the browser, if my memory serves) but it must confess that this idea is enough to make me shudder. Finally, the arrival of a Facebook web browser would not be surprising.


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