In the course of the F8 conference, Facebook unveiled “Surround 360”, a portable acquisition system equipped with 17 cameras that allows you to resume at 360 ° images without the need for subsequent operations stiching creating panoramas from 41 megapixels. Peculiarities of the device is that it will not be sold but the hardware design and stitching video algorithms will be published on Github.

Facebook’s bet by virtual reality or yes needs the commitment of this technology, both within the company itself and beyond. Therefore, in an effort to build bridges, the company has introduced 360 Sorround a camera 360 degrees 8K recording per camera. But here’s the catch, both the design and the technology behind this camera is open source: its commitment to help others extend technology.

Facebook or sell or distribute this device, but it will be a facilitator for others to put in place, but certainly amazed by its value: it has 14 cameras around its edge spherical shaped double cone, plus a camera eye fish pointing upwards and two additional.


Facebook Surround 360, a camera 360 degrees with 17 3D VR lenses 4 megapixels. Mark Zuckerberg’s company will not sell hardware, only facilitate the plans and the platform open source software. Collect all the pieces can cost about $ 30,000.

Surround 360 will be recorded at 360 degrees, 60 fps and high-quality 3D images in 4K, 6K and even 8K. The content does not need to be registered and automatically adapts to the standards of virtual reality.

The company claims that this device actually produces spherical and 3D video, perfect for virtual reality, but has a problem: it is not Stereoscopic or at least have not announced as such. the software behind the camera is unknown, but Facebook has announced that it will share all information on the system this summer for third parties to start developing it.

For now we have to see how she goes the move to the company, but its commitment to virtual reality is clear; if the betting market in the same direction, may be the next mass to niche consumers. Only time will tell.

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