Facebook iOS app updated yo support 3D Touch



Today, the iOS development team has decided to release an update to add support for the new features that come from the hand of the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus. As you know many, Facebook updates occur weekly, trying to ensure reliable operation of the application. However, there appear to be extremely interesting and functional, although the application has experienced an increase in performance over time, we must consider the application if it has improved considerably over time.

By adding support for 3D Touch, Facebook users can start new topics to press strongly on the Facebook icon from the Springboard. However it is not at all well implemented, since we must click on the box of “What are you thinking?” To start writing, so it is currently not necessarily useful or quick.

The other two options are contemplated to upload photo or video, will also open reel pictures by clicking on the icon, for us to select a photo or video. Finally we also have the ability to directly capture a photo or video. For the rest of the update, Facebook has not talked about anything, as has always developed his usual text on bug fixes and updates weekly tells us little or nothing about the new features that have been including constantly. This version of the Facebook application is 41.0, certainly one of the latest available totally free applications in the App Store as usual.

One thing to note is that Facebook owns WhatsApp, that same application that was last updated with virtually include any new week, let alone 3D Touch, or quick answers.

It does not seem that Facebook has gone further and has implemented the Peek and Pop-known, the other two ways to interact with the 3D Touch applications in this update. Throughout the different menus you have never skipped that option. Another option that is not available are Live Photos, despite the fact that Facebook promised to implement them before the end of the year.

It is appreciated the speed with which most developers are updating their applications and 3D Touch implementing them. Although, I must say, many of these updates are more for the sake of having implemented 3D Touch that make any real improvement to the interaction.

Facebook in particular being one of those most accelerating these updates and to remember that Instagram was also updated earlier and supports 3D touch not only with the quick actions but also with Peek and Pop. By the way, remember that these options are only available for iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus, it does not hurt to have this.

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