Following the announcement of the appearance of Google +, Fb was once fast to reply with the aid of asserting on its official blog a lot of changes in its service. Changes that focus on how the games are run. The objective of the famous social network is clear, it is simply cut corners and take into account the comments of its users by separating finally notices related to gaming of notifications usual. No doubt, the two giants have certainly not finished and we will confront us frankly not complain …


At present, the management of games and their notifications on Facebook is far, far away even to satisfy the users. For indeed, by default, all information dedicated to games tend to spill over our walls and our notifications. Racing results, we often find ourselves facing pages overloaded with messages that have absolutely nothing to do with the activities of our virtual friends, and it can be drunk quickly with force. Anyone who regularly play Mafia Wars, Farmville, CityVille or The Sims Social obviously know what I mean.

And fortunately, all this will soon change. This is because the improvements that Facebook will make to the management game:

  • Overhaul of pages dedicated to games: Now the games will benefit from a little more space in the page assigned to them. We find also in a sidebar to the right all the information and all the notifications under clean, followed by several sponsored links.
  • Integration of bookmarks: These bookmarks will allow us to highlight the games and applications of our choice in the sidebar of our profile, allowing us to access a little faster and lose significantly less time.
  • NTEGRATION a stream dedicated to the game: Now, all information and notifications related to all games will appear in a stream that will be dedicated. Interestingly, it is possible to define specific rules for each title by going into the service settings.

Three major new features that should allow players to clean up their profile. Recall in passing that the 700 million users in the department, 200 million people play every day on
Moreover, we have all our contacts in big gamers who seem to spend most of their time to plant corn and they will certainly not likely to appreciate these new features.


However, these features are not yet implemented on all profiles. Again, we must be patient before you can enjoy all games and will in any event be housed in the same boat. Just for the consolidation of the pages is CityVille , Zoo World , Monster World and Mystery Manor will be the first to benefit.


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