Facebook launches Messenger for Windows


Fb messenger tool for Home windows was once already unofficially to search out the web just a few days in the past, as of late the tool is now kind of formally been launched. The website online has techit the legitimate obtain hyperlink for instrument releases. Fb has no longer truly made up our minds itself to make on hand its Messenger for Home windows is a leak that exposed the obtain hyperlink to the shopper, up to now constrained via a restricted choice of customers, checking out section requires.


Facebook has responded by releasing its formal application, it is available at this address . It requires Windows 7 and makes it possible to chat with friends without going through the site, a solution already found with Live Messenger , with 18.2 million which is the platform most used to communicate with his friends, but not as Facebook offers an XMPP connectivity, all clients can integrate Jabber messaging Facebook.

The Messenger app is basically a mini-Facebook and based on the chat bar, which we know from the web version of her. The main window is split second: Above are the latest Facebook activities (like this and that, has commented, shared album, etc.) listed. In the lower part are then listed the friends that are online. Compared to so many other chat program, the real name forced by Facebook is proving a boon here. One must remember not cryptic nicknames, but always has an overview of his Facebook friends. At the top are the typical Facebook icons for friendship requests, messages and alerts to find: These show the various Facebook activities, friends can directly be confirmed in the messenger, everything else opens the normal Facebook page. 

The installation of the client is very straightforward: After downloading the installer assumes the program will access data from the browser , a typing username and password are required. right down there are also a practical "Dock to Left" function: When you click on this, then the client is on the right side of the screen attached and extended to the full-screen height. Any Windows widgets (clock, weather, etc.) are not covered, but slide to the left. 

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows here [leaked]

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