Facebook launches Messenger Rooms with support up to 50 participants

Facebook messenger

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced Messenger Rooms, a video conferencing alternative to Zoom. Now, the company made it available for all iOS and Android users today via a blog post.

Messenger Rooms allow users to start and share rooms on Facebook through the news feed, groups, and events, so it’s very easy to create one and let other participants in. You can choose who can see the room and who can enter it, but also remove the participants and block the room if you do not want to allow further entrances. Messenger Rooms lets you start group video chats for up to 50 participants.

Your “Room” will appear at the top of the news feed or through notifications. Facebook points out that you have full control over who joins your room, whether it’s someone from your list of friends or just the ones you shared the link with. If a friend of yours or a group you are part of opens a room and grants you access, you will see it directly on Facebook and you will be able to access it both from smartphone and computer, without having to download any additional app.

Facebook emphasizes that this service respects privacy and security and that no conversation is saved on the company’s servers or shared with third-party partners.

At the moment, only North American users can create a new room directly from Facebook or Messenger, while all other users have the option to create it only from the Messenger app

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