Facebook continues to invade the memory of your phone with its huge number of applications, another one for logging. Today we have “Moments” is that if Facebook has almost monopolized our conversations with your instant messaging application, now it’s up to our photographs. With this application we can share them quickly and safely some pictures with our friends. Certainly extremely useful for those events in groups that often happens that few have many pictures and many have little.

This new application is also independent of the native Facebook and Facebook Messenger, but Facebook created by Creative Labs, and has begun to be distributed today in the United States. The application sharing “moments” of our lives with the people we love when we want, without publishing them on our Facebook wall and worry about the privacy of each publication, as if our concern whenever seizes Facebook one of our pictures were not enough already.


Users synchronize photos with the application and then share in a kind of group packed into “moments” really come to be albums. Furthermore, the application will use facial recognition to help tag your friends.

Obviously within the application can also search for friends. However, the application is not yet available in all App Store, will be appearing in stages.

Download  Moments for iPhone / Android)

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