Facebook wanting to wish happy birthday to a friend or family member it will no longer be the same from the famous social network. Facebook announced the new Birthday Cam feature is already in its native application for iOS and soon also come to Android. Birthday Cam will allow users to record short video messages in which we wish you to spend a happy day.

The social network founded by Zuckerberg realized that about 90% of this type of birthday greetings were posted on the wall of the birthday, so Facebook has decided to launch a special function to something that was long ago within their social network, with over 100 million cards shipped in the month of January. With specific responsibility for it it is also logical to think that the birthday greetings grow even faster in the coming months.

Offering a faster and easier way to send a more personal, more lively and less words written message to its users, Facebook hopes to inundate the network with hundreds of different videos on every birthday. The main advantage of this type of card is the ease of use and the speed with which videos are recorded and ensures that the network is sending a video as quickly as blowing out the candles on the birthday cake.

Of course, the trouble is that I’m already imagining the wall of a user with congratulations from people you never see, or what is worse, they see each other occasionally on the street and do not even greet you at the real life.


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