Facebook messenger

From now on, to use Facebook Messenger without being registered with a Facebook account will no longer be possible.

Facebook has removed the ability to sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account. Previously, it was possible to activate a Facebook Messenger account using your phone number.

All this is no longer possible and now the only way to create a new Facebook Messenger account is to register on Facebook first:

 “If you’re new to Messenger, you’ll notice that you need a Facebook account to chat with friends and close connections,” a spokesperson said via email. “We found that the vast majority of people who use Messenger already log in through Facebook and we want to simplify the process.

Earlier, VentureBeat reported, Facebook has therefore reassured users who have already used its Messenger without a Facebook account: nothing will change for them.

This change could anticipate the next unification of the various messaging apps owned by Apple, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

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