Many have been the years that have passed until finally Mark Zuckerberg gave him the real desire to be able to express another feeling that was the saying I like in the social network Facebook. It did not make sense that before the announcement of a sad news, the people clicked on I like, because of course nobody likes the news of this type and the one that made it was in a bad place. At the beginning of last year, Facebook added different reactions to be able to express in a more real way if you do not like a publication or not, these reactions seem to be about to reach the messaging platform of Facebook, Messenger.

As we read in TechCrunch, the company of Mark Zuckerberg is testing a limited group of users of the silver messaging platform to see how they use it and if they finally bring this option to the general public. At the moment it seems that we would only have 7 reactions to express our mood, pleasure or displeasure about what someone has posted on the messaging platform, one being the best way to express themselves when dealing with groups, which would avoid having That read reading answer by answer.

Facebook has confirmed this news saying it is testing new ways to make the messaging platform more fun, using emoji to express the status of people. The company has not specified when it plans to launch this new feature, if it eventually does, but it is likely that soon also reach WhatsApp or Instagram, seen what has seen lately, where it seems that Mark Zuckerberg wants to convert WhatsApp platform is A kind of social network behind the release of WhatsApp States.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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