Facebook announced during its F8 conference for developers (and basically already knew) big news for Messenger, its messaging service that has been a great success, no doubt thanks to the separation from the app main. Messenger will become a real platform, with the ability to integrate other app to send their content in messages.

Users who want to install apps via Messenger can send these items to your friends with the touch of a button. But it is not only to communicate through images funny, says Facebook. The company will allow businesses to integrate Messenger to share information like shipping and tracking when a purchase is made and allow users to communicate with a company to change the order.


In a way, Facebook is defending its status as the world’s largest social network. WhatsApp bought last year by more than US $ 19,000 million. WhatsApp is a messaging service that gained popularity as a way to circumvent the exorbitant international rates for sending text messages between users in different countries. Facebook also offered US $ 3,000 million to buy Snapchat, ephemeral messaging service that is very popular among teenagers and young adults.

At the same time, Facebook has also been nurturing capabilities Messenger and its importance during the past year. Last summer, Facebook removed the ability to send private messages to relatives of the main mobile app and friends, telling users to unload Messenger for that functionality. Since then, the company says that focusing on a separate app will help users to communicate faster with each other.

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